What is Virtual Private Network or VPN Why It is Necessary?


Our browsers are directly communicating with a lot of entities on the internet called websites, permitting them to identify our IP address and our approximate location. With the aid of VPN [Virtual Private Network], we can connect to websites via a VPN server [basically acting like a proxy server]. Thereby, our apparent location changes to the location of the server.

Lets Cover it in Deep :

According to the website’s perception, the VPN enabled browser is now located in the country given by the virtual location. The connection from browser to the VPN server is fully encrypted, so even if the local network is not as safe, VPN enhances privacy on the local network. We can keep our browsing activities well hidden from other users of that network and maintain our privacy.

Why We Need VPN :

The main purpose to use a VPN is that we can keep our identity Anonmoous. Using VPN aslo lead you to the Acess to all those Websites Which are bllocked in Yoour Country.
This also help you Not to show your Location any other Organization, Comapany or Websites.
To enhance privacy when it comes to websites, to make it more difficult for them to track us, we require a variety of tools. The main problem always tends to be cookies. Even whilst hiding our location, these websites can still identify a user if they have a cookie.

Last Points on VPN

Cookies are basically temporary information files that are stored within a browser to efficiently navigate through a website.
Blocking ads can assist in the process of not being severely tracked by third party vendors, we can block the origin of many tracking cookies, and eventually when a private browsing session has been terminated and the browser is closed, all cookies from that session are deleted.
The basic technology is free service but it wouldn’t take much time for an expert hacker to figure the actual location of the anonymous user by tracking cookies or by sending a bug. However, it still manages to prevent any type of intrusion from amateur hackers and crackers.

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