To be or not to be on Facebook?


When people read or look over the topic of an article, they often try to relate it to themselves subconsciously. Well... This topic can be related to effortlessly as we being humans so crave about social connectivity ; some even come to the conclusion that without ‘Facebook’ their life would be empty.
Lets Have a One Sided Discussion on this :

Just for basic information; facebook is a social networking site, which helps people connect, heck what can i say …umm ‘socially’ I suppose.

What I Think on This

As for me, even i was addicted to it; it’s no big deal unless of course you leave everything else important to see what your friends are updating. To say more it’s mainly for those who are socially deprived, could be introverts or let’s just say who want ‘attention’. I finally have given up logging on to that dreaded thing!! , of course ‘dreaded’ won’t be a nice word to mention such a dominating site but once you’ve figured it all out, you know it’s not that meaningful to our lives.
True blue, it might be entertaining, a good pastime, but gluing yourself to it doesn’t mean that your life will get infinitely better rather it will wreck your life to the roots, for those who have good time management skills it’s not much of a thing to worry about. it’s got some pros and cons, the pro being - I found my best friend through this and when I’m cut off from the outside world [exams :p] a little look up to FB is relaxing but the con being that without proper control over ourselves, we get lost in the virtual reality.
Enough of me, there is a friend of mine who can’t practically live without it, he puts loads of quotations and photos for which he almost gets twice the comments and likes, I often felt a lack of attention …hey everybody needs some attention, I think it’s natural. Remembering the instances now and then I smile to myself and everything fades away.
It has made some lives and broken some, but eventually it’s just a tool and we being the supreme controllers shouldn’t let it rule us.

Final Conclusion

What’s more to say FB or no FB, we always tend to forget that one thing in our lives……………………….
We have the power to do anything.

Hope You can understand What i Want to say ? Just Do not get addicted to Facebook otherwise You will be out of your Real Path and Goal of Your Life Now, That al From this One.