Polytechnic after 10th - Is it the right choice?


As the CBSE 10 exam is over and the students must be wondering what lies ahead for them, science, commerce, arts or they should get admission in polytechnic colleges through CET.

So here I am on the subject of polytechnic and polytechnic admission method. It will also help you to find out whether you should take admission in polytechnic course or you should continue your regular 11th and 12th classes.


Just for the sake of information, let me tell you what is this polytechnic? As the name suggests "polytechnic" here poly means many and technics can be considered as a way of doing something.

So, a polytechnic education gives you experience within a dynamic and progressive learning environment. The polytechnic institutes are dedicated to offer a number of professional courses under one roof. The courses at polytechnic help students to start his or her profession, either through a job at a well-reputed company or by starting his own business.

That was a heck of information

Now if you are trying to decide whether to get admission in polytechnic or not, then you are in the right place because we will go through all the advantages and disadvantages of polytechnic. Here we will start with the advantages of polytechnic or what are the best reasons for which one should take admission in polytechnic.

Advantes of taking Admission in Polytechnic

There are a lot of advantages of taking admission in polytechnic colleges like it causes less time and cost, gives you an upper edge on skill basis as compared to regular 12th pass outs and the list will go on but we will only discuss important ones. So:

  • Technical Certificate: As soon as you complete a polytechnic course, you will have a technical certificate, which can be helpful to get a technical assistant or other jobs in government and private sector.
  • Direct Admission in Second Year: After completing the course from a polytechnic college, the student can take admission in the second year of engineering education like B.Tech without the tough competition of JEE or GATE. Students only need to secure good rank in LEET which are less competitive than JEE and GATE.
  • Cost Effective: It costs less in pursuing three years polytechnic course than to normal egineering education. Typically, the whole course costs Rs 8,000 - 10,000 PA. So, a student from middle class background can easily afford the course.
  • Skill Improvement: It enhances your skill & giving you extra potential to make successful career while working in a company or as an entrepreneur.
  • Easy engg life: After doing polytechnic, your engineering degree will become easier because most of the subjects are already studied in diploma.
  • Helping Hands: You can get immediate job on basis of Polytechnic education. Which cab be helpful and supportive for you to uplift your family conditions.

These were all the best reasons why you should choose it. Now bragging too much about the polytechnic, let's take a look at the dark side of the polytechnic aka disadvantages of polytechnic.

Disadvantages of Polytechnic after 10th

There are not so many disadvantages of doing polytechnic after 10th or 12th. But I will still list some of them:

  • No lateral entry in IIT's: After doing polytechnic after 10th you can get admission in IIT's after clearing JEE Main and Advance but you will be given admission in 1st year of engineering.
  • Polytechnic after 12th: Doing polytechnic after 12th will result in 3 years delay of your degree. So after 12th you should persue regular degree instead of polytechnic education.
  • Sometimes a diploma is not worth you, students may get job in non-technical fields or they are not highly paid at the start of their career, but if you continue your degree with job then after some experience it will definitely increase.

In my opinion polytechnic courses are very easy and useful for students who come from middle class or lower class family who cannot afford regular education or are not good at passing JEE or GATE type exams. But students are always advised to go with the taste and purpose of their life.

I think this is all for now, I can assure you that now you can decide what is good for you. If you are still looking for some help then do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.