Life Changing Future Technologies - Nanotubes, Wireless Power Transfer and More


Technology is everywhere, whether it is in the form of mobile and laptop in your hand, in the form of machine in the factory or in the form of various devices in your home, we are surrounded by technology from all sides. Ever since the human beings have taken care of their senses, since then they search for new technology so that they can make their life easier. Now whether it is the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel or in today's era mobile phones and laptops have all affected the lives of humans so much that they could not even imagine before.
And I am absolutely sure, rather we all know that day by day more new technologies will come and keep changing our life like this and will continue to be better.
And that is why today we have brought such technologies which will completely change your life. And our list starts with Carbon Nanotubes.


Nanotubes are the nano material which have tube like structure. Nanotubes can be made of different material like carbon and silicon. Nanotubes have many application in a new field nanotechnology. Nanotubes made using carbon are called Carbon Nanotubes, which are hollow cylinders of carbon 10,000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair.

Use of Carbon Nanotubes and How it Work? As mentioned above carbon nanotubes can be used for generating electricity. The researchers first twist-spun the nanotubes into high-strength, lightweight yarns. To generate electricity, the yarns must be either submerged in or coated with an ionically conducting material, or electrolyte, which could be a mixture of ordinary table salt and water [or sea water]. Supposedly these yarns can be termed as supercapacitors, as is the case of a normal capacitor, we use energy from a battery to add charges to the capacitor. But in this case, inserting the twistron into an electrolyte bath, the yarns are charged by the electrolyte itself. There is no need for an external battery or voltage is needed, as per researchers. When a twistron is twisted or stretched, the volume of the carbon nanotube yarn decreases, bringing electric charges closer together and increasing their energy. This increases the voltage associated with the charge stored in the yarn, enabling the harvesting of electricity. Researchers demonstrated that a twistron yarn weighing less than a housefly could power a small LED, which lit up each time the yarn was stretched.

Gigaton Scale Carbon Removal

As we all know that smoke from various industries, vehicles and fires contains many harmful gases, one of them is carbon which is polluting our environment and is the cause of climate change. By the way, to stop this increasing amount of carbon, humanity will make all possible efforts so that carbine emitting can be stopped, but if there is a technology that can remove this carbon from our atmosphere forever, then it will be better. Thus to do this, Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation has announced a total prize of $ 100 million to the innovators and the team that can create and explain gigaton scale carbon removal so that this increasing amount of carbon can be stopped.

Cold Fusion Energy

Fusion is a difficult process because it requires extremly high temperature and pressure. But in 1989, two scientists, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, reported that their apparatus had produced more heat at room temperature which can be explained only in terms of nuclear processes. They further reported all details about this experient. The reported results received wide media attention and raised hopes of a cheap and abundant source of energy. After the report was published many scientists tried to copy and duplicate the same resuly but they never were able to do so and thus many scientists concluded that the report was a nonsense..
But if cold fusion could be achieved, it would be so disruptive to so many industries that any business that depended on energy production or sale would be worthless. Solar, wind, oil and natural gas industries and business related to this would be effected as it can create cheaply. If it could be done, imagine what the wealthiest companies in the world would do to suppress it ;)

Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless power transmission (WPT), is the transmission of electrical power from a source to an electrical load without any physical contact between them and is based on technologies using time-varying electromagnetic fields. It has been around us for decades in applications such as telemetry and satellite communications.
Most of these applications transfer low amounts of power, in the range of microwatts to milliwatts, for data transfer. For higher-power applications, from few watts to several kilowatts, over moderate distances, the wireless power transmission has recently been the focus of the industrial developments. The most common method of high power wireless power transmission is through inductive coupling. These coils produce an electromagnetic field which sends energy from a charging base station (transmitter) to a coil on a portable device (receiver) with complete galvanic isolation. The receiver coil takes power from the electromagnetic field and converts it into electrical power.

Conversational User Interfaces

You may have heard about Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI), both are ways to interact with a system or computer. In Command line interface user type command in a terminal or a command prompt to make computer perform some task.
Whereas in Graphical User Interface user interacts interacts using menus and buttons. But now a dyas in world of robbots and AI CUI a way to communicate with a computer through conversation. These systems use artificial intelligence, natural language learning, voice recognition and contextual awareness to respond to spoken or written requests and commands. People are already exploring chatbots as a way of serving customers or offering product recommendations, but as AI and natural language learning keep on improving the sophistication of systems like this will keep improving. In the future you might be able to ask your phone to suggest ‘dresses for Mike and Amy’s wedding’ and it will not only check your calendar to find out when the wedding is (spring, summer, winter), but may even use knowledge about your relationship with Mike and Amy to tailor its suggestions. This can also be used in stores and shops to provide better customer service.

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