5 of the Hardest Riddles with Answers to Test Your Smartness | Riddles with Answers for Adults


Getting bored in these days of quarantine, and looking to invest your mind and time in something interesting, then here I am with 5 best math riddles with answers. So get ready to kick you boredom out by trying to solve these amazing riddles in english. Answers to these riddles are available at the bottom of the page, but before looking at the answers give your self some time to solve these riddles and test your smartness. If you get three answers correct, then your are smart too smart.

Let's start with our first math riddles which is of course not a riddle for kids :)

Doubling becomes Zero


This is our first maths riddle read it carefully and try to answer it. Suppose there's a machine in a room which can double money of your pocket. There is an entry fee and exit fee each of ₹5. So if you want to double your money then you have to pay ₹5 as entry fee and the same amount of ₹5 to exit the room. Now here's the actual question starts:

James decided to double his money, so he pays the entry fee of ₹5 enters the room, doubles his money and exits the room after paying ₹5 as exit fee. Now James got greedy a bit and decided to double his money again. So again he pays entry fee, double his money and exits. At this point he checks his pocket and finds he has nothing left in other words now he has ₹0. So can you answer How much money he had at the starting?

Bringing 100 Packets

Well you can't go out in this quarantine, but just for instance suppose your mom asked you to go out and buy some color packets. She gives you 100$ and asks you to buy exactly 100 packets of colors which includes following color: Red, Orange, Blue and Green. So you went to the shop and found the following price list:

0.25$ - Red
0.50$ - Orange
1$ - Blue
5$ - Green(because its my favorite!)

So as a dutiful son of your mother, you will purchase 100 packets of colors in 100$. So find out what number of each color will you purchase to get the total of 100 packets in 100$.

Network of Squares

This riddle is simple and easy to understand and even a sixth standard kid can try to solve this riddle. So this is especially a riddle for kids, but adults can also try it out. So here it is:

Arrange the numbers from 1 to 17 in a way so that sum of any two consecutive number is a perfect square number like 4, 9, 16, 25 or 36. For example a short network is shown below:
8 + 1 + 15 + 10

Here any two consecutive numbers adds up to 4, 9, 16 or 25. So scorch your mind, find such network with numbers from 1 to 17

Let me make it easy a bit, Firstly try to arrange numbers from 1 to 15 in the above stated manner then you can add 16 and 17 easily to it.

No Neighbours Needed

This one is also pretty simple to understand but can be hard to solve, what you have to do is:

I have attached an image above which contains 8 empty boxes. To solve this riddle you have to fill those empty boxes with numbers from 1 to 8 in such a way that no two consecutive numbers are in neighbouring boxes. For example if 1 is in the top most box then number 2 should not be in red color boxes as shown below but it can be in any of the green box.

So get a pen and paper draw these boxes and try to solve this riddle out!

Magic Square

You may have heard about this The Magic Square in Mathmatics class. And if you have not, then let me explain, a magic square is filled with numbers in such a way that sum of its horizontal, vertical or diagonal boxes is same. A Magic square can of 3x3, 4x4 and so on. SO this riddle is all about a Magic Square of 3x3.

As I have shown a 3x3 box. What you have to do is to filled those 9 boxes with numbers from 6 to 15 in such a way that sum is 30 from all sides, whether it is horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Remember no number should be repeated to achive the goal of 30, all the number from 6 to 15 should be used only once.

So all these riddles are my favorite one's which uses maths and thinking ability to solve them. So I will suggest you to solve them on your own first. And find out whether you are the intelligent one or not to solve these riddles. I am sure after expending some time, using pen & paper and after scorching you mind you will be able to solve them. While you solve these I will be back with some intresting article. Wish you good luck! And see you in next one.

Spoiler Alert

So you have tried to solve these amazing math riddles and you are here to see the answer. If you have not tried to solve the I strongly suggest you to try them first then come to this section. Anyways CLICK ME to show the answers or you can visit the following link to see all the answers: https://www.eduwizardtutorials.com/blog/answers-to-riddles-of-first-series/